Caruggi's   1121 Uptown Park Blvd Ste 7 Houston,TX77056   (713) 840-7060
1121 Uptown Park Blvd Ste 7
HoustonTX 77056
 (713) 840-7060

Reviews Of Caruggi's

4.82 17 Reviews
Dec 03, 2017

I LOVE LOVE LOVE CARUGGI'S. Remember "customer service"??(Younger people probably don't, ha) Monica provides THE BEST one on one, has a great eye for what works and what I really respect, is a "truth teller". Even my husband doesnt object to shopping there for me and that is HUGE!!!

Carla J. Cargle
Sep 18, 2017

Beautiful & trend setting clothes! Excellent customer service.

Nancy Wiseman
Jul 07, 2017

My best store for clothing. They always ha we what I need, and lots of what I want!

Roberta Magliolo
Jul 06, 2017

My favorite store - good quality, interesting styles and fabrics, and the people are wonderful. I really enjoy shopping at Carrugi's when I am in Houston!

Mary Jane Taegel
May 12, 2017

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